Thursday, December 4, 2008

Easing the Pain

  Today is rough. Last night, after a not so good day for the whole family, my daughter found out that her friend died of an overdose. That alone is devastating. The fact that this is the 2nd friend in 2 years to lose their life to drugs is beyond belief. She is 17 and is overwhelmed with grief.

  As a parent there is little we can do to take the pain away. Plenty of hugs all around, but the task of surviving the pain day by day weighs heavily on her shoulders. This has been a rough 2 years for her. In October of 2006, she lost a very good friend to an overdose. 2 weeks later, her grandmother lost her battle with cancer. Six weeks later, my father died with Alzheimer's. 3 people lost in less than 3 months. That is unbelievable. Now this. Her pain just breaks my heart. 

  Nobody ever said that parenting is easy, but days like this feel impossible. I wouldn't trade being a parent for anything, but it is such a helpless feeling to see your child in agony. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  On a lighter note, before all the sadness we were both surprised by the men (or boys) in our lives. My husband brought me flowers just because and her boyfriend brought her a homemade dozen of her favorite cookies. That scored some major points in my book. She is lucky to have him right now. 

  Another light note. Next weekend we are attempting a trip to New York City. Hoping to leave on Friday and return on Sunday. I always look forward to the window displays and shopping at FAO Schwartz. Best toy store ever. Period. I will post pictures and any good restaurants and stores will be reviewed.

  Hopefully a great latte and a couple of Lexi's cookies will help make the day a little brighter.

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