Friday, December 12, 2008

13 days til Christmas

 Today wasn't bad. I needed to finish up some shopping and actually convinced my son to go to the mall with me. I had to go to Sephora to get a makeup set my daughter wants and was immediately accosted by a saleswoman. I hate shopping when you feel pressured and followed. I like to look at things, test the samples and see what tickles my fancy and I really don't need to feel pressured to here how wonderful a particular product is. I wish that I had the guts to just say, "Hey, I appreciate your interest in helping me, but I am doing well on my own." Sounds good, but I always feel like I will hurt their feelings. I guess I am just too soft.

 Long story short, Sephora didn't have the makeup in stock and I ended up with a much smaller set that I wasn't pleased about. The saleswoman told me that the set I want is sold out everywhere including the website. I naively believed that and then get home to see that TA DA, there it was available online. Now I have to brave the pushy saleswoman again to return the unwanted set. I really hate shopping.

 I really need to get a good camera. Relying on my cell phone to grab a great shot isn't working so well. Tonight there was the most beautiful full moon that I would love to have on the blog, but alas, no camera. Maybe it's not too late to add to my Christmas list.

 Tomorrow is tree picking day. There is a wonderful place called Valley View Farm that has the greatest selection of ornaments and decorations that I have ever seen. Tomorrow the family Talbert will make the drive and we each get to pick our favorite ornament. And get fresh kettle corn. My mouth is watering already. 

 Is it tomorrow yet???

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Fun?

  Last night Randy and I went to another Caps game. I don't know why I am so into hockey this year, but I am really enjoying it. Josh has been complaining that we are always going and never take the kids, so last night I offered him my ticket. I thought it would be cool for him and Randy to have a guy's night out. Of course he declined and said he was too tired. You can never win.

  I am trying to find something inexpensive for us to do for the holidays. Our NYC trip got postponed until next weekend, and I would love to get a ticket to a Broadway show. I read that they are reducing ticket prices due to low demand, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe we could see the Rockettes. The folks are sending us money to help with the hotel room as a Christmas present, which helps tremendously.

  Yesterday Josh and I went Xmas shopping at Walmart and he found the cutest sweater for Dexter. I have never bought clothes for him, but we couldn't resist this one. He looks adorable. and even seemed to like it. It is too short to cover his back, but I think we would have to custom make weiner dog clothes to fit him properly. Lexi has promised to make him a hoodie, but we have yet to see it.

Still haven't bought Christmas cards, but I haven't gotten any yet either. The plan was to take a family picture and have it made into cards, but since we haven't had a family portrait taken since Josh was born (meaning over 14 years ago), I think I knew that wasn't really going to happen. Maybe next year :).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Easing the Pain

  Today is rough. Last night, after a not so good day for the whole family, my daughter found out that her friend died of an overdose. That alone is devastating. The fact that this is the 2nd friend in 2 years to lose their life to drugs is beyond belief. She is 17 and is overwhelmed with grief.

  As a parent there is little we can do to take the pain away. Plenty of hugs all around, but the task of surviving the pain day by day weighs heavily on her shoulders. This has been a rough 2 years for her. In October of 2006, she lost a very good friend to an overdose. 2 weeks later, her grandmother lost her battle with cancer. Six weeks later, my father died with Alzheimer's. 3 people lost in less than 3 months. That is unbelievable. Now this. Her pain just breaks my heart. 

  Nobody ever said that parenting is easy, but days like this feel impossible. I wouldn't trade being a parent for anything, but it is such a helpless feeling to see your child in agony. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  On a lighter note, before all the sadness we were both surprised by the men (or boys) in our lives. My husband brought me flowers just because and her boyfriend brought her a homemade dozen of her favorite cookies. That scored some major points in my book. She is lucky to have him right now. 

  Another light note. Next weekend we are attempting a trip to New York City. Hoping to leave on Friday and return on Sunday. I always look forward to the window displays and shopping at FAO Schwartz. Best toy store ever. Period. I will post pictures and any good restaurants and stores will be reviewed.

  Hopefully a great latte and a couple of Lexi's cookies will help make the day a little brighter.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

No excuse

I have no excuse for not writing anything. I can't believe it has been a month already. I just really needed a break from doing much of anything. Here is a quick wrap-up of the last month:

Dexter, the wonder weenie, is good as new. He seems to be about 95% ok at this point. He is running and jumping and has gained strength in his back legs. He (unfortunately) has been back on the couch and in bed with us.  Randy can't handle him being on the floor. The problem is that he is faster than lightening and jumps of the furniture before you can catch him. This is a big problem because I DO NOT want to have to go thru the surgery ordeal again. I just bought him an awesome cuddly dog bed on Overstock, and hopefully he will like sleeping in that.

Josh's soccer season had a disappointing ending. We were rained out on the championship game day, so they just called the season. The team didn't have a party or anything. Josh wasn't thrilled, but at least his team can say they didn't lose!

Thanksgiving was great. It was just the four of us this year. We always look for single people that we can invite over, but everyone had a place to be. I cooked the smallest turkey ever (10lbs) and we had just enough leftovers for 2 sandwiches. Yum!!  Now we are in Christmas mode and looking forward to our annual trip to New York City. This year it will be from December 12-14. Can't wait and I will post pictures of the store windows.

I plan to update my blog much more frequently now. I was just bummed for awhile and didn't feel up to it. I will probably post my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookie recipe later today.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good news all around

  Today the weiner dog, Dexter had to go get a checkup. He had back surgery a month ago after losing the use of his back legs. There was a period of time when we were unsure if he would walk again. That dog is spoiled beyond belief and Randy adores him. There was no question about getting the surgery, just concern regarding how to pay for it.
  Fast forward back to today and Dexter is doing great. He has full use of his legs and is actually trying to dig in the yard again. He will not be allowed on the furniture alone anymore so he won't jump and get hurt but for the most part, he is pretty much back to normal. I have had dogs pretty much my entire life and have never had to deal with a medical emergency before. It was stressful and heartbreaking and I certainly wouldn't want to go through it again. Having to tell the kids that he may not survive surgery was horrible. Thank goodness everything has turned out well. I love that crazy weiner!!

  On a different note, I registered for my grad. school classes last night. It is so hard to believe that I am actually going to have a Master's degree. A few years ago i would never have thought that I would have the opportunity to go to college at all, much less go this far. Let's hear it for the world's most supportive husband and kids!! Take a bow Randy, Lexi and Josh.

  Josh has a soccer game tonight and it will be sooo cold. I am looking forward to the end of the season and so is he. He has done very well and has scored 2 goals. I never thought I would be a soccer mom, but I love going to cheer him on. I need to take pictures of him playing and post them. Just one more thing for the to do list.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All I need is the lipstick

  Tonight I went to a hockey game with Randy and had a wonderful time. I am slowly becoming a sports fan, much to my surprise. I like hockey because it is easy to understand most of the rules and the game is fun because when there is a break, there are audience participation activities going on. The bad part of becoming a hockey fan is the desire for season tickets. Randy has brought up the idea and in the the excitement of the moment, I could almost see myself once a week screaming like a banshee and hollering, "C A P S, CAPS, CAPS CAPS!!!!" 
  We were in the nosebleed seats, literally one row from the very top in the Verizon Center in D.C. We sat in the same spot for a Washington Wizards game years ago and could barely see. I was in no way inclined to buy a season ticket for that team I assure you. Tonight we could see well and got to hear the gentleman behind us coaching the team under his breath.
  On a different note, as the weather is changing and it is freezing cold outside, I am more inclined to start cooking my "winter foods" such as stew, soups and pumpkin anything. I have a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies that I will probably post soon. It is a family favorite and is great year round.
  Tomorrow night I have a jewelry party to attend and I look forward to getting out of the house again. Being unemployed is driving me crazy. Here's hoping the end is near. I did get notice that I can start registering for my grad school classes now, and am glad that there is only 3 months before I start. I should probably appreciate this time off before I get totally swamped.
 I am posting a picture of our view of the ice tonight. You have to squint and use your imagination, but you can pretend to really see the action.
  Time for sleep now. The rugrats will be getting up for school before I know it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beginning the Adventure

Well, I said I would do it, and I finally have. I can't believe I have started a blog. I have always felt that I had a lot to say and wanted to share that with everyone, and I never had a place to do it. Welcome one and all to My Soapbox!!

 I will be blogging about the adventure that is my life as well as any new foods, drinks, movies and books that I want to share. With any luck, people will find this interesting and share ideas with me.
 Prepare to hear about how fabulous my kids are (I am sure that has never been done) and how incredible my husband is (none are as incredible as mine, I assure you).
Well, let me just say, I just turned 38 last week and am o.k. with it. I thought I would be freaking out but I am pretty comfortable with where I am in life and look forward to the future. Life is pretty cool for a geek like me and soon you will hear all about it!! I am sure there will be some stumbles along the way as I maneuver my way thru the blogosphere but they always say ( and I have to ask, who is this "they" they are always talking about?) the adventure is in the journey!