Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Fun?

  Last night Randy and I went to another Caps game. I don't know why I am so into hockey this year, but I am really enjoying it. Josh has been complaining that we are always going and never take the kids, so last night I offered him my ticket. I thought it would be cool for him and Randy to have a guy's night out. Of course he declined and said he was too tired. You can never win.

  I am trying to find something inexpensive for us to do for the holidays. Our NYC trip got postponed until next weekend, and I would love to get a ticket to a Broadway show. I read that they are reducing ticket prices due to low demand, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe we could see the Rockettes. The folks are sending us money to help with the hotel room as a Christmas present, which helps tremendously.

  Yesterday Josh and I went Xmas shopping at Walmart and he found the cutest sweater for Dexter. I have never bought clothes for him, but we couldn't resist this one. He looks adorable. and even seemed to like it. It is too short to cover his back, but I think we would have to custom make weiner dog clothes to fit him properly. Lexi has promised to make him a hoodie, but we have yet to see it.

Still haven't bought Christmas cards, but I haven't gotten any yet either. The plan was to take a family picture and have it made into cards, but since we haven't had a family portrait taken since Josh was born (meaning over 14 years ago), I think I knew that wasn't really going to happen. Maybe next year :).

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